About Us

We are a group of passionate cooks who believe that food should never be boring or bad for you! In our kitchen, we create magic!

Claire Loré is our chief trouble-maker in the delicious department and has been cooking seriously since the age of 5. Protesting the ordinariness of so much food, she set out to create a company that was devoted to excellent cuisine that you could enjoy at home.

When living in France, she greatly added to her skill and recipes and then adapted them to making meals that are delicious but also healthy. Claire is bringing the world of amazing cuisine into our kitchens and adapting international recipes to ensure there are no yucky additives, only great taste!

Sharon Maxwell, is half Vietnamese and half Italian and cooks divinely! She has been steadily adding Italian, oriental and American recipes into our kitchen to delight you with the foods you are used to enjoying, as well as many of her more exotic dishes, but without the bad stuff! A mother of 5, she specializes in making food fabulous!

Hunter Maxwell is the son Sharon must have given birth to when she was ten years old. (She is so young and beautiful, what else could we conclude?) He is our apprentice and is learning all the ins and outs of running a kitchen and you just can't keep the smile off his face while he is working!