About Us

About the Owner:

Hello! My name is Melian De Carolis. I am the owner of The Colors of Food, LLC. We are a family-owned business offering specialized cooking services in Pinellas County, Florida.

I am originally from Italy but I spent my teenage years in England and eventually ended up in America where I met my husband and we are now growing our family.

My passion for food started in Italy where I would follow my Italian grandmother around asking questions about cooking. I was always interested in her magical meals. To this day I have never found anything better! I apply her styles in my cooking  and each time I go visit her in Italy I learn more each time.

When I moved to England I got more curious about cooking foods from different cultures and so I started working at restaurants in the area where I made friends with the Chefs and started shadowing them. I learned a lot from them.

I moved to America because I had heard of a cooking position available where they also offer training and certification. So, I left the UK and headed to the US where I was professionally trained and became a Pastry Chef.

How did I come to specialize in healthy meals?

With time, I learned about healthy diets such as Paleo, Keto, etc. which expanded my abilities to experiment and I came up with my own signature styles and flavors of foods.

Concurrent with being a personal chef, I also worked at a nutritional company for several years to gain more knowledge about health and nutrition. Now I can specialize my menus and help people improve their life with delicious high-quality food.

As well as being able to provide various diet menus, I work with people's specific needs to give them an individualized meal plan that fits their lifestyle. I am continually broadening my styles and flavors of cooking.

My bakery:

I love baking and not only I provide traditional cakes and pastries but also make diet-friendly desserts such as gluten-free, sugar-free, diary-free, etc.!

I also won the Couple's Choice awards from TheKnot and WeddingWire for helping brides and grooms have their dream wedding cakes. 

The Colors of Food supporting the local community:

When I came up with TheColorsOfFood.com it was originally for healthy recipes for when I was an in-home Private Chef, but with expansion I started operating from a commercial kitchen and it became a website for my clients to place their orders, advertising not only meals plan services but catering and wedding cakes. With more expansion and the recent situation, which shall not be named, we decided to focus on helping the local community expand by helping family owned farms and small businesses provide us with their fabulous produces. My motto, you support us we support them.

This is my full time job now and the career that I truly love.

Eat Well,

Melian De Carolis-Culp