Ingredients We Use

We use the finest ingredients that we can find but balance that with price, to still keep our amazing meals affordable to you.

Our chicken is organic, our beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed, which means it hasn’t been fattened up with grain before slaughter and is a lot healthier. Our steak is 100% grass-fed ribeye, as that is so tender and a big favorite with our clients.

Our pork is antibiotic-free and of very high quality and so is our bacon.

Most of our vegetables are organic, particularly the ones that are extremely toxic otherwise, which includes salad greens (our baby spring mix), cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Our cabbage, cauliflower, onions and potatoes are not organic but are fresh and still delicious.

Our fish and seafood is wild-caught and chemical-free. (You would be surprised by the amount of seafood which is wild-caught but covered with preservatives and other chemicals.) The only thing that we offer in the seafood department that isn’t wild caught is our Scottish salmon which apparently is raised in a much cleaner environment than US or Chilean salmon. We choose the Scottish salmon over wild-caught sockeye salmon as it is nice and fatty, therefore moist after cooking, unlike the Alaskan sockeye which is as lean as trout and not very exciting. We haven’t been able to source a fatty salmon that is wild-caught AND delicious. If something isn’t delicious, we don’t offer it! Call us eccentric but that is how we operate.

Our Chilean Sea Bass is both wild-caught and chemical free and it is outstanding!

Our dairy products are not organic (or 100% grass-fed) although we are working on sourcing great dairy from New Zealand.

Our oils are only organic extra virgin olive oil, non-GMO avocado oil, organic coconut oil and butter.